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2020 - 2021



We are not currently accepting applications.  Please check back in the future.


We are excited to offer a new Creator In Residency Program, which supports creators of various disciplines with studios and workspace, a material stipend, and oversight for a social project of their conception.  


This residency opportunity should be considered a natural extension of the creator’s vocation or current passion.  Residents are encouraged to use their studio to develop personal work during their tenure, as well as pursue interests in the social realm.


We encourage applicants to think about meaningful ways to collaborate, explore current issues, start dialogue, engage with the community, and/or create culture or place in a positive way.  Creators should propose ideas for art events and programs that benefit or engage with the community, which can include but is not limited to components such as hosting educational creative workshops, discussion series, interactive projects, and creative placemaking projects.  We will work with residents to develop and implement these ideas through the tenure of their residency.


We have availability for two residents to have space concurrently, and tenures last for either twenty weeks or forty-two weeks depending on the proposed project scope, for a minimum of two and a maximum of four residents per year.  Our residency program is centrally located in the Creekwood North Studios at 1216 Lewis Street, in the neighborhood of Chestnut Hill.  A stipend of up to $600 for materials and event costs can be awarded for each twenty-week period.


Emerging and established creators of all backgrounds and disciplines over the age of eighteen are encouraged to apply.  This includes but is not limited to emerging as well as established creators working in the visual arts, performance, music, design, and writing fields. 

This Program is generously sponsored by a donation from Core Development and Hines.

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