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2020 - 2021



We are not currently accepting applications.  Please check back in the future.



All applicants must submit electronic materials.  Please note the following requirements to complete your application:

  • A completed online application form

  • Contact information for two references who know you personally and can address the following: your professional capacity, capability to complete sustained projects, ability work well in a community with other creators, and engaging with the public.

  • A one-page resumé or bio that summarizes your background.

  • A one-page work statement and project proposal explaining your work and what you plan to do while in residence.

  • Maximum 10 work samples completed within the past 3 years.  Images: jpegs or pdfs, 5 MB max each.  Text: pdfs, up to ten pages total.  Time based: up to 30 minutes total.

  • An optional one page inventory sheet giving supplementary information about your work samples.  Please number the samples and include the following that are applicable: title, media, dimensions, date, and any supporting information you would like us to know. 

  • $20 application fee


Creators are welcome to apply individually or as a collaborative team.  When applying as a team, collaborators should submit individual application forms, supplementary materials, and work samples, along with a joint description of the project proposal. If applicable, submit examples of previous collaborative work (either completed or in progress).

This Program is generously sponsored by a donation from Core Development and Hines.

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